Atomic Man – The First G.I. Joe?


One of the first G.I. Joe action figures from the mid-1979s was Mike Power a.k.a. Atomic Man.

Basically a copy of the Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin, Atomic Man came equipped with cyborg limbs where you could attached helicopter blades and other accessories sold separately.

Instead of a kung-fu grip, he had an ATOMIC Flashing EYE that would either irradiate his foes or at least greatly annoy them into submission.

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Decorating the President’s Nuclear Bunker

Zartan Fallout_fb.png

In GI Joe: Retaliation, nefarious Cobra con-artist Zartan’s presidential bunker was adorned with a fallout poster on the wall that was similar to an actual 1950s Civil Defense campaign informing people that “you can protect yourself from radioactive fallout.”

The Civil Defense Museum has a quick description of the poster:

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