Super Critical Podcast hosts Tim Westmyer and Gabe are lucky to have so many awesome guests join the show. Some are nuclear policy specialists or experts in their fields. Others are awesome people bringing their unique perspectives to the discussions.

Special shoutout to former podcast host Joel for getting the show launched right out of the silo!

Nuke Policy Specialists and Other Experts

Sebastian Brixey-Williams (@seb_bw), Co-Director of the think tank BASIC

Tim Collins (@WarAndCake), PhD Candidate, Kings College London

Joe Cirincione (@Cirincione), Distinguished Fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

Erin Connolly (@Erin_Conn17), Girl Security

David Craig (@Produce2Power), Clinical Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Southern California

Jon Duke (@VortexAeroMedia), Specialist media services for aerospace & defense

Rachel Emond (@Rachel_Emond), Scoville Fellow, Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation

James Sheehan (@JSheehanDC), Consultant working on trans-Atlantic cooperation and public diplomacy

Matthew Gault (@mjgault), Journalist, VICE; co-host of War College Podcast

Kate Hewitt (@BlondNukeGirl), Girl Security

Michael C. Horowitz (@mchorowitz), Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Meghan McCall (@Nuclear_Ginger_), Formerly of Ploughshares Fund

Chris Mirasola (@cmirasola1), Lawfare

Sylvia Mishra (@mishrasylvia), PhD Candidate, King’s College London

Luis Navarro, Eurasia Program Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute

Manu Saadia (@Trekonomics), author of Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek

Will Saetren (@WillSaetren), Norway Ministry of Defense

Stephen I. Schwartz (@AtomicAnalyst), Former Editor of The Nonproliferation Review

Lucy Steigerwald (@lucystag), Contributing Editor,

Cecili Thompson-Williams (@cecilitw), Managing Director, Beyond the Bomb

Pranay Vaddi (@PranayVaddi), Former Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Tristan Volpe (@TeeAndersVolpe), Assistant Professor, Defense Analysis, Monterey School of International Studies and Nonresident Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Geoff Wilson (@NuclearWilson), Political Director, Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation

Jamie Withrone (@JamieWithorne), Research Assistant, Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Really Cool Non-Nuke Expert Guests

Alex #1

Alex #2

Boris (@bmelnikov)


Diana (Tim’s sister!)


Eric Gascho (@EricGascho)

James Finnegan

Nick Lyell (@FalseAlarmFilm)documentary filmmaker

Stefan Sasse (@StefanSasse), host of podcast Boiled Leather Audio Hour



  • Mini-Nuke #6: Jaws


Podcast Co-Hosts

Gabe (Current Co-Host)

Joel (Original Co-Host)