The Seinfeld Episodes with Nukes

There are a surprising number of references to nuclear topics in Seinfeld. Since I’m already re-watching the show, I’ll include all the references I see here. Giddy up.

George Costanza: latex salesman, car parker, Yankee, hand model, importer-exporter, architect, marine biologist, and nuclear chemist

— SuperCriticalPodcast (@NuclearPodcast) October 4, 2016

Kramer has some helpful nuclear tips for Miss America contestant.

— SuperCriticalPodcast (@NuclearPodcast) September 30, 2016

Elaine consoling George about his wedgie: at least it wasn’t atomic…

— SuperCriticalPodcast (@NuclearPodcast) September 5, 2016

When you split the atom, you can wear whatever you want.

— SuperCriticalPodcast (@NuclearPodcast) October 26, 2016