The Bomb – Warheads

True Lies

Warhead prop (Source:

Description according to the source: “The bomb is made of fiberglass and painted olive green with yellow and red stripes. It comes in a housing crate which is made of aluminum and has two aluminum latching brackets that hold the bomb in place. The bomb and the housing crate measure 5 feet 10 inches in length.”

Description according to movie script: “This is a Soviet MIRV-Six, from
an SS-22N launch vehicle. The warhead contains 14.5 kilos of enriched uranium, with a
plutonium trigger. The nominal yield is 10 kilotons.”

Description according to movie transcript: “It’s a Soviet MIRV-6 from an SS-22 air launch vehicle. The warhead contains and a plutonium trigger. The nominal yield is 30 kilotons.”

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Memorable quote: 

Salim Abu Aziz (leader of Crimson Jihad): Do you know what this is?
Harry Tasker (the spy): I know what this is. This is an espresso machine. It’s a snow cone maker. That’s what it is. Is it a water heater?”