In this episode, we put a crew together to seize a movie theater to watch the nuclear missile silo hostage taking movie Twilight’s Last Gleaming (1977). How easy is it to hijack a nuclear Titan ICBM launch site? What does the Vietnam War have to do with the logic of nuclear deterrence? Is “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” what they call the sparkly skin in those vampire movies? Tim Westmyer (@NuclearPodcast), Gabe, and returning special guest returning special guest Stephen Schwartz (@AtomicAnalyst), answer these questions and more.

Full movie online here:

Before we disable our cutoffs and inhibitors, we recommend:

Kiss Me Deadly (1955 movie) also directed by David Aldirch

The Parallax View (1974 movie)

-David Halberstram, The Best and the Brightest, 1972

Defence of the Realm (1986 movie)

A Very British Coup (1988 TV series)

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, South Dakota

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